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Academic English Language Course

Course Overview

Academic English Language course helps to improve the students’ level of English language so it is good enough to enroll a university and be able to continue your education in UK. The course is well structured and teaches all the topics of academic English language through authentic materials covering different academic aspects. These Academic English Language course develops the writing skills needed for writing academic essays and compositions. The course is a good base for certificate exam preparation and finishing it the student has all the necessary knowledge to go to an exam.

The length of the Academic English Language course is 60 classes and the number of students in a group is 6 people. It gives enough time for every student to get enough individual attention by the teacher.

Course Features

  • Lessons 12
  • Quizzes 1
  • Duration 60 hours
  • Language English
  • Graduates 9
  • Assessments UCRAYA

Course Curriculum

  • Unit 1  0/1

    • Our land is your land. Grammar – Avoiding repetition, missing words out, reduced infinitives, synonyms in context. Formal and informal letters writing.
  • Unit 2  0/1

    • Never lost for words. Grammar – Tense review. Active and passive voice. Phrasal verbs. Story telling and writing.
  • Unit 3  0/1

    • Big business. Grammar – Adverb collocation, adverbs with two forms. A business report writing.
  • Unit 4  0/1

    • Celebrity. Grammar – Discourse markers. Expressing a personal opinion.
  • Unit 5  0/1

    • Love is….Grammar – ways of adding emphasis. Proverbs and poetry. Discussing pros and cons.
  • Unit 6  0/1

    • Newspeak. Grammar – Distancing the facts. Passive constructions. A letter to a newspaper.
  • Unit 7  0/1

    • Words of wisdom. Grammar – Modal auxiliary verbs. Present, past and future. Describing a personal experience.
  • Unit 8  0/1

    • Altered images. Grammar – real and unreal tense usage. Past tenses to express unreality. Reviewing a film or book.
  • Unit 9  0/1

    • History lessons. Grammar – verbs patterns. Personal profile.
  • Unit 10  0/1

    • The body beautiful. Grammar- Intensifying adverbs. Entering a competition.
  • Unit 11  0/1

    • The end of the earth. Grammar – Relatives and participles. Defining and non-defining relative clauses. Participles. Describing a journey.
  • Unit 12  0/1

    • Life goes on. Grammar – Linking devices. Conjunctions, adverbs, infinitives, relative pronouns, participles. Bringing a biography to life.

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