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english language course B2

Course Overview

This is an intensive course of English language for students interested in fluently speaking and writing in English and is a course which summarizes all the grammar structures and special vocabulary. Students who study this English language course are asked to work with authentic materials taken from different spheres of the authentic literature for example geography, biology, economics, history, computing etc. At the end of this course of English language studies, students can understand main ideas of complex texts on abstract topics. They can also discuss both in written and oral way technical issues and questions of their specialization. When accomplished this level of English language studies, students can produce clear and detailed text on a wide variety of subjects and explain and defend viewpoint giving advantages and disadvantages.

Students can communicate with native speakers and interact with them without strain and with confidence.

The course study is devided into 2 modules of 30 and 35 classes each and the price can be split into two equal payments of £175 each. If you would like to split your payments into two parts and pay for each of the modules separately, please choose to pay cash in the office.

Course Features

  • Lessons 12
  • Quizzes 1
  • Duration 72 hours
  • Language English
  • Graduates 7
  • Assessments UCRAYA

Course Curriculum

  • Unit 1  0/1

    • No place like home. Grammar – the tense system – Simple, continuous, perfect, active and passive. Applying for a job.
  • Unit 2  0/1

    • Been there, done that. Grammar – Present Perfect. Simple and continuous. Informal letters.
  • Unit 3  0/1

    • Narrative tenses. Grammar – Past simple, past continuous and past perfect active and passive. Narrative writing, using adverbs in narratives.
  • Unit 4  0/1

    • Nothing but the truth. Grammar- Questions and negatives. Prefixes and antonyms. Linking ideas, conjunctions.
  • Unit 5  0/1

    • An eye to the future. Grammar – Future forms. Will be doing, will have done. Writing emails, emailing friends.
  • Unit 6  0/1

    • Making it big. Grammar – Expressions of quantity. A consumer survey. Report writing.
  • Unit 7  0/1

    • Getting on together. Grammar – modals and related verbs. Arguing your case. For and against.
  • Unit 8  0/1

    • Going to extremes. Grammar – Relative clauses, participles. Adverb collocation. Describing places.
  • Unit 9  0/1

    • Forever friends. Grammar – Expressing habits. Be used to doing. Writing for talking.
  • Unit 10  0/1

    • Risking life and limb. Grammar – Modal auxiliary verbs. Formal and informal letters and emails.
  • Unit 11  0/1

    • In your dreams. Grammar – Hypothesizing. Expressions with if.. Narrative writing 2 and linking words.
  • Unit 12  0/1

    • It is never too late. Grammar – Articles and determiners. Adding emphasis in writing.

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