The love phrases and idioms

This article is dedicated not only to our friends who seek the help of a language school to learn English, to all those who are blessed with love and harmonious cohabitation. Or they just want to invite these goods into their lives.

The holiday of lovers is approaching, which, for us Bulgarians, is also a perfect holiday for wine. Or, as our, unfortunately unrecognized in the past, poet Kiril Hristov has exclaimed in one of his lines: “Women and wine! Wine and Women! “. It is a great occasion to learn a few idioms and phrases in English that are relevant to the case.
Let’s start with a catastrophic event: “Have a crush on someone” – with this expression we rinse out in front of the world that we have fatally fallen on someone, we are just crushed by the blow. The association of love with disaster does not need an explanation, does it?

Love is shaking us, love even turns us upside down. “Head over heels” or “Fingers above the head” comes from the position of the body when you are jumping from happiness. The idiom speaks of a positive love sample from the lab. Do not worry, you are lost!
Well, what, we are already in love, but what do our friends say about us? Just good things, of course. They say among our acquaintances that we are “Match made in heaven” i.e. People who are made for each other, people who match perfectly. Yes, that’s right, sure, sure!

There is another expression for inward, fitting people who, in anathematized manner, appear in society always together. They are said to be “Joined at the hip” – joined / glued to the hips. For others this may be a little annoying, but what does it matter if they enjoy it?
Go what goes into love, but sometimes in Paradise they start to get angry and cruel. The couple is quarreling (both sounds fatal and terrible) and they are threatened with “Break up”. Of course, both of them are so quick to organize reconciliation or “Kiss and makeup”. Have we already mentioned that lovers are annoying to others?

Well, falling in love, quarreling, reconciliation … Everything is going on, and sometimes two people think it’s time to get together. “Get engaged” is like our “To get engaged” – no wedding yet, but you’re already “committed.” And if you like, put it in your Facebook status! Because sooner or later you will get to “Get hitched” or in pure Bulgarian, you will get married. Congratulations to us!

We will be happy if you have liked or these English expressions have helped you. Raya London Training Center takes care of building a rich vocabulary and grammatical knowledge of the English language. Our language courses are what you need to continue in any sphere of life abroad with ease. Call us! And we wish you a happy holiday!


Written by Iveta Radeva

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