Where and how the British spend the summer

Dear friends of Training Centre Raya London, we hope you are having a wonderful summer in a place of your choice with plenty of sunshine! Through our blog, we can offer you an enjoyable way to continue learning English during the holidays. Read today’s story, then its English version, and add some new words to your vocabulary!

We asked ourselves where the British like to spend their days off, and we can tell you not only the names of the tourist destinations but also details of their favourite activities there.

British understanding of vacation is largely about a trip to the ocean or the seashore, preferably on a sunny day. When travellers don’t leave the country, they usually visit Blackpool, Scarborough, Bournemouth, and other towns associated with a pleasant stay. The trip includes fresh air, a whiff of salt, and some special traditions for the children. They love buying candy floss or rock sweets. They can watch a traditional puppet theatre with the familiar characters Punch and Judy or take a pony ride on the sand.

Let’s find out how the British travel and when! The preferred way to travel – probably because it saves time – is by air. A huge number of the British fly to their dream holiday destination, mostly during the months of July and August. About a quarter of them are those travelling by sea. The journey by train or by car under the English Channel follows.

Let’s see which overseas destinations are our hosts’ favourites!

Spain! Their favourite places to visit are the island of Mallorca, the Canary Islands, Ibiza, and the resort of Benidorm. Apart from eating tapas and drinking wine, is there anyone who doesn’t love the azure sea and the almost eternal sunshine?

France! You won’t be surprised that Paris is the most visited with its romantic magic and the Eiffel Tower and, of course, Disneyland Paris, because where else can your children meet their favourite characters from cartoons and feature films? Theme parks are generally a magnet, not only for young visitors but for adults, too.

Italy! Who isn’t drawn to the bottomless skies, the healthy Mediterranean food, and the country charm of Italy? And the great number of sunny days!

Greece! In 2022, 3,700,000 British people found happiness in Greece. On the islands or on land, the atmosphere of Greece gives freedom and cheer as well as seafood, wine, and the habit of taking your time.

Portugal! Wine, fado, lots of sun, and sea – all at close range – Portugal is full of friendly people and is the 5th most visited place in Europe.

USA! Not only the resorts are attractive, but also the theme parks, and the big cities, full of spectacles, places we know from the movies, and interesting people.

Friends, do share with us your favourite place to spend the summer and what attracted you to it! We will be happy to read it! Have a great holiday – at the moment or in the future!


Author: Iveta Radeva


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