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Read the passages about Mary and Kate and answer the questions. For each question choose either M (Mary) or K (Kate). You need to choose each person more than once.


Mary (M) - My name is Mary and I am 20 years old. I live in a big flat in the city centre with two friends. We are students and we like going shopping together. At weekends we often go to a restaurant. This weekend my cousin is coming to stay. I am taking her to a great Chinese restaurant where the waitresses are very friendly.

Kate (K) - My name is Kate and I am 33 years old. I live in a big modern house in the suburbs of London with my family. I drive my children to the kindergarten and then I go to work. I am a doctor and I often work at weekends, but not this Saturday. It’s my daughter Sarah’s birthday and we are going to have a party. Some of our friends are coming to the party and she is very happy.




Which person, M (Mary) or (K) Kate,......




Your Name

1. ...lives in a big house?

2. ...lives in the city centre?

3. ...enjoys buying new things?

4. ...has a daughter?

5. ...works in a hospital?

6. ...is going to see her cousin this Saturday and Sunday?

Write a composition of 100 words on ONE of the following topics:
1. A day in the mountains.
2. A famous person
3. My dream holiday
4. My weekend

Give it a Title.

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