Intermediate Test BG


Read the following article and answer all the questions.


The Stolen Car

Samuel Johns enjoys driving to work. Last week , however, he had a bad experience. When he finished work he discovered his car was gone. He knew he had parked it outside his office, it was locked and the alarm was switched on. This wasn’t the first time it had happened, so he was very careful. Thieves had already stolen two of his cars. However this third time was worse: This car was brand new. Samuel had saved his wages for a year to buy it and had collected it from the shop only a week before.

Samuel called the police but they told him it would take 24 hours to complete a crime report. Samuel was so angry that he wrote about the theft on Facebook. A friend advised him to look for his car on Palmtree.com, a website where people sell second-hand items. He found nothing, but tried a similar site called Secondhand.com. He didn’t see anything again, but after a few minutes searching for it, he found his car at last. The car had special grey wheels, which he recognized. The picture wasn’t clear, but it was the right make and colour. The bumper and the number plate had been removed but he knew it was his car.

Samuel decided to call the seller himself. They arranged to meet in the shopping centre car park the following evening.It was dark and the man seemed anxious. Samuel accused him of stealing his car. “I want my car back”, he said. At first the thief refused to give his car back, but when Samuel threatened to call the police, he got scared and ran away admitting that it was he who had stolen Samuel’s car. Samuel knows that he is lucky to have his car back and now he looks after it more carefully. “I ‘ve rented a garage near my office and I ‘ve been parking my car there for two weeks and I still have my car.”

Your Name

For questions 1-3, please answer in complete sentences.

1. Where had Samuel left his car when it was stolen?

2. How long had Samuel had his car?

3. What has Samuel done now to protect his car?

For questions 4-8, please select the correct answer.

4. The police helped him find his car.

5. Samuel met the thief in a car park.

6. How many of Samuel’s cars have been stolen?

7. On which internet site did Samuel find his stolen car?

8. What was different about his car in the picture on the internet?

Write the words in the box.

9.Find the word in the passage which means the OPPOSITE of:

- started (Paragraph 1)

10. Find the word in the passage which means the SAME as:

- very worried (Paragraph 3)

Write a composition of 150-200 words on ONE of the following topics:

- What country would you like to visit and why?
- I opened the magazine and started to read...
- Imagine you are a famous singer. What is your life like?
- Describe your neighborhood.

Give it a title.

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