Pre-intermediate Test BG


Read the three advertisements for restaurants and answer the questions. For each question choose the correct restaurant A, B or C. You might need to choose each restaurant more than once.



Adam’s restaurant

Try dishes from all over the world. The restaurant’s largest choice: 20 types of dishes, 15 different salads.
Right in the centre of town.

Maximum number of guests: 25
We also sell wines: African and Chilean.
(Sorry, we aren’t working this month on Saturdays due to some renovation work.)

No parking: use the nearby car parks.
Opening hours: 10am-8pm daily.




Baker’s Restaurant

The best food from Mexico and Spain.
25 Baker Lane, ten minutes from the town centre.
The best family restaurant in town.

Comfortable chairs and sofas for 30 people and cosy atmosphere.
The music is not loud and relaxing, so you can talk to your friends. There is no wi-fi connection, so please turn off your mobile phones.

We have special Mexican and Spanish dishes cooked freshly here each day.
Use our car park outside. Open 9am- 7pm, closed Thursdays.




Mountain Spring Restaurant

Try our award winning dishes, hot and cold drinks.
We’re right next to the mountain spring! Come in for a meal after a walk in the mountains.
We have seats for 40 people.
You can enjoy the fireplace inside in the winter or the beautiful view from our terrace in the summer .
The most delicious meals, sandwiches, desserts, hot and cold drinks.
Free parking and wi-fi.
Open 8 am-11pm every day
For more information visit www.mountainspring.com




Which restaurant,

Adam’s Restaurant (A)
Baker’s Restaurant (B)
Mountain Spring Restaurant (C)




Your Name

1. ...is near the town centre?

2. ...is the smallest?

3. ...has a fireplace?

4. ...has “no phones” rule?

5. ...offers Mexican and Spanish food?

6. ...is open the latest?

7. ...has no parking area?

You have just come back from your summer holiday at the seaside. Write an e-mail to your friend. Tell him/her about your holiday.

Write about 120-150 words.

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