Upper Intermediate Test BG


Read the following passage and answer all the questions.


Newspaper of Hope

The Big Problem newspaper helps and supports poor people. In 1995, founder Peter McCollins found a newspaper Local News while in Washington. He decided to start a similar project in the UK the same year. Originally it was published weekly, but after only a year this was increased to every day. Now around 500,000 people read The Big Problem in the UK. You can’t buy it in newsagents, however. The Big Problem is sold by poor people on the streets. There are around 3,000 of these people, called vendors. They buy the newspaper for 1 pound each, then sell them for 2 pounds and keep the difference. Lately it also became available to buy online as some people who live in the country found it difficult to find a vendor. The prices online aren’t reduced, however. People from more than 150 countries have been inspired by The Big Problem. With their income they can make their own living.

People who buy The Big Problem know that they are making vendors’ lives better. They also buy it because it contains articles written by respected writers with challenging information. It contains exclusive interviews with celebrities who refuse to give interviews to other newspapers. It has a very high reputation.

The Big Problem is supported by sponsors and advertising for large companies. In the beginning the Homeless People Foundation provided all the money needed to set the company up. Some people say that it is against the political views of the newspaper. However Peter McCollins says he tries to work with big organizations to change them and make them more socially responsible.

Some vendors are criticised by the public telling them “Get a Job.” In general, however, most people support the business idea. Jake Osborne found himself at the centre of an online battle. He always sat on a bench in a park while he worked. A local bank manager used Facebook protesting about others not being able to use the bench. Jake was defended on Facebook by both a spokesman for the shop and by its customers, and the manager later apologised.

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For questions 1-3, please answer in complete sentences.

1. Where did Peter McCollins get the idea for The Big Problem from?

2. How often was The Big Problem published originally?

3. About how many poor people sell The Big Problem on the streets of the UK?

For questions 4-8, please select the correct answer.

4. It costs readers 2 pounds to buy the newspaper.

5. All the articles in The Big Problem are written by poor people.

6. How did The Big Problem get funding to start up?

7. From The Big Problem, vendors get

8. Who didn’t like a vendor using a bench?

Write the words in the box.

9. Find the word or phrase in the passage which means the SAME as:

- go up (Paragraph 1)

- famous people (Paragraph 2)

10. Find the word or phrase in the passage which means the OPPOSITE of :

- agree (Paragraph 2)

- for (Paragraph 3)

Write a composition of 200-250 words on ONE of the following topics:

- Who is the most important person in your life?
- Describe the most beautiful country you have ever been to.
- Give an account of the most terrible day in your life.
- Will life be different without cars and buses in the future? Discuss.

Give it a title.

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