Read the email from Peter and answer all the questions.


Dear John,

How are you? I went to the shopping centre yesterday. I went with my  family and I bought new trousers for winter. They are grey. My old green trousers are too small for me, so  I can’t wear them any more. I can’t wear my new trousers to school, either, because school trousers are black.

I also bought some new shorts. They are black and white. I can wear them for my basketball lessons. I have lessons every Saturday. I usually go with my cousin George. We love basketball!

Do you want to come to my flat? I can show you my new things.

See you soon.







Your Name

1. Peter’s new trousers are grey.

2. He wears his new trousers to school.

3. Peter’s new shorts are black and white.

4. He has basketball lessons on Sundays.

5. He goes to basketball lessons with his cousin.

Answer these questions. Use full sentences. There is one example.

What colour is your hair?
My hair is brown.

1. How many bedrooms are there in your flat?

2. What do you like doing in your free time?

3. What is your favourite kind of music?

4. What time did you get up yesterday?

5. When were you born?