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Training Centre Raya London

Training Centre Raya London is a new and fastly developing English Language School specialized in teaching English as a second language. Founded in 2015 we are small enough to provide a personal service, but large enough to have very good facilities and resources for the students to learn English in UK.

Course Overview

This intensive Еnglish language course is structured to fulfill all the grammar topics of the basic grammar of English language. It is divided into themes to cover and improve your Еnglish language at vocabulary level, phrasal verbs and special structures.

Students accomplishing this level can understand sentences and frequently used expressions related to immediate and every day use. They can understand basic personal and family information, shopping, employment and many more. At the end of the Еnglish intensive course the students can communicate in simple and routine situations requiring simple and direct exchange of familiar matters. This Еnglish training course lasts for 72 lessons with an English teacher.

This course is divided into 2 modules. The first module consist of 30 lessons and the second module consists of 42 lessons. The payment of the course can be completed in two transactions of £175 and £245. If you prefer to pay for the course in two transactions, you can do so, after confirming your place in our office.

Course Features

  • Lessons 15
  • Quizzes 1
  • Duration 12 weeks
  • Language English
  • Graduates 134
  • Assessments UCRAYA

Course Curriculum

  • Unit 1  0/2

    • Getting to Know You
    • Present, Past, Future-Revision
  • Unit 2   0/1

    • Whatever Makes You Happy
  • Unit 3   0/2

    • What’s in the News
    • Past Simple vs Past Continuous
  • Unit 4   0/2

    • Eat, Drink and Be Merry. Expressing quantity
    • Some, Any, No
  • Unit 5   0/1

    • Looking Forward. Verb Patterns, Future, Phrasal Verbs.
  • Unit 6   0/1

    • The Way I See it. Comparatives, Superlatives.
  • Unit 7   0/1

    • Living History. Present Perfect vs Past Simple
  • Unit 8   0/1

    • Girls and Boys. Have to/ Don’t Have to, at the Doctor’s.
  • Unit 9   0/1

    • Time for a Story. Past Perfect Tense.
  • Unit 10   0/1

    • Our Interactive World. Passives.
  • Unit 11   0/1

    • Life’s What You Make It! Present Perfect Continuous Tense
  • Unit 12   0/1

    • Just wondering…If Sentences

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