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Our English Language courses give you a practical understanding of the English language and  take you all the way to fluency and ability to use the language to your best potential.

We offer all levels of general English language courses.

Our English courses improve your confidence as we train you in all four communication skills listening, speaking, reading and writing.

We are focused on the success of our students and use individual approach and the latest methods in teaching english lessons for foreigners and English as a second language. We have developed a special method of english language classesfor teaching people over 40 years old and we use a great variety of additional materials to support our students in their studies.

Saturday-Sunday English lessons

Since our English lessons are for adults, we are respectful about your busy everyday life. We know you’re busy all day long, and it would be harder for you to study after the end of the day. For this purpose, we offer first-day English language lessons Saturday and Sunday.

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