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english language course

Course Overview

This is a English intensive course in 65 classes with a English teacher and it is suitable for motivated students who would like to develop their level of English language and to learn English fluently.

The English training is delivered in topics and is structured in different lessons covering special and more advanced English grammar needed for non everyday situations. At the end of this intensive English course the students can understand main points of standard input on familiar matters in work, school and leisure. Students who study this English course can also understand and communicate in situations arising whilst traveling in areas where English language is spoken as a native language. When finishing the course the students can produce simple connected text on topics which are connected with their everyday life, which are of personal interest and they can write imaginary stories. The students can write about their dreams, ambitions, they can also explain their opinions and write about their plans.

The course study is devided into 2 modules of 30 and 36 classes each and the price can be split into two equal payments of £175 each. If you would like to split your payments into two parts and pay for each of the modules separately, please choose to pay cash in the office.

Course Features

  • Lessons 12
  • Quizzes 1
  • Duration 72 hours
  • Language English
  • Graduates 15
  • Assessments UCRAYA

Course Curriculum

  • Unit 1  0/1

    • It’s a wonderful world. Grammar – Auxiliary verbs, naming the tenses, questions and answers. Letters and emails.
  • Unit 2  0/1

    • Get happy! Grammar – present tenses. Present Simple, present continuous, active or passive. Letters and emails.
  • Unit 3  0/1

    • Telling tales. Grammar – Past tenses. Past simple and continuous. Past perfect. Past passive. A narrative.
  • Unit 4  0/1

    • Doing the right thing. Grammar – modal verbs – obligation and permission. For and against.
  • Unit 5  0/1

    • On the move. Grammar – future forms. Making a reservation.
  • Unit 6  0/1

    • I just love it! Grammar – questions with like; verb patterns. A description.
  • Unit 7  0/1

    • The world of work. Grammar – Present Perfect active and passive. Phrasal verbs. A letter of application.
  • Unit 8  0/1

    • Just imagine! Grammar – conditionals 1,2,3. Base and strong adjectives. A narrative 2.
  • Unit 9  0/1

    • Relationships. Grammar – modal verbs – probability. A description 2.
  • Unit 10  0/1

    • Obsessions. Grammar – Present Perfect continuous. Writing a biography.
  • Unit 11  0/1

    • Tell me about it. Grammar – Indirect questions, question tags. Words that join ideas.
  • Unit 12  0/1

    • Life’s great events. Grammar – reported speech. Reported statements, questions and commands. Discussion.

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