Meet us!
Georgi Georgiev

My name is Georgi Georgiev, 42 years old and I am the Director of Training Centre Raya London. Almost my entire career is related to marketing and advertising, Human Resources and recruiting, which I have been dealing with since 2001.
Choosing valuable staff is my job, because there is nothing more important than choosing people who are good at their work and give the best of themselves to their students.
My hobby is cars, and my vocation is to help ambitious people.
In my free time I research and find new business markets and related to them ideas in the field of education.
What motivates me to do my job is the gratitude in the eyes of our students and the confident smile they give us after each completed training.
Knowledge is power!
Stefani Dimitrova

My name is Stefani Dimitrova and I graduated my BA in TEFL in 2014 at the University of Essex. In my second year, I did the CELTA course which gave me a better understanding of modern approaches in terms of teaching English.

I have taught people from different backgrounds with a wide variety of needs. This has helped me build my skills and methods up to now. At Training Centre Raya London I apply all my knowledge and skills to be of greater help to you, our students.

My free time is dedicated to my family. I love the West End, so whenever I get a chance I am there appreciating something new and mesmerising.

Angelina Meshekusheva

My name is Angelina. I have a bachelor degree in Applied Linguistics with a bilingual speciality.
I have over four years of experience teaching English, including private lessons to children and adults.
I have worked as an intern teacher at the Professional High School of Architecture in Plovdiv for five months. I chose to study English for many reasons, mainly because English is a global language, and with English, you can study all over the world. My hobby is travelling and sports! I think learning is most effective when it is fun.
I hope you will allow me to take you on a marvellous learning journey!

Avgustina Angelova

Qualified English teacher
(General English for adults and children)


I am Avgustina and I am from South Bulgaria. I have a Bachelor`s Degree in English Language and Ethnology and a Master Degree in English Philology. I am qualified to teach English as a foreign language and have over 8 years of working experience. I love reading, watching TV series, history and literature. I can help you with your academic, business and personal goals!

Denitsa Georgieva

My name is Denitsa Georgieva and I am 36 years old. I am a French Language School graduate and I have bachelor degree in Russian and English Philology.

I started learning English 30 years go and I have been teaching it for 15. I’ve always been interested in presenting certain subjects in the easiest and most approachable way, which lead me to the path of different methods of teaching. Besides teaching, I enjoy translating, editing texts, astrology and a healthy lifestyle for the body and the soul 

Elena Beevska

Hello there! My name is Elena Beevska and I am from Veliko Tarnovo. There I got my BA in English Philology and my MA in Translation Studies. I first started teaching English when I was studying in Germany on The Erasmus Programme. Then and there I realised that teaching is interesting. I have also studied German, Russian and Italian. I have been an English teacher for six years. I love my job and it genuinely makes me happy. Learning a language is an incredible adventure that can take us to various places. In my free time I like reading books, watching movies, making candles and working in the garden. I also like writing stories.
Elena Petrova

My name is Elena and I am an English teacher. I teach both children and adults. During my free time I enjoy reading books and traveling.
I have a Bachelor degree in Bulgarian and English philology. I have always wanted to be of help to society and that's how I've decided to become a teacher.
What I like best about my job is the satisfaction that you get when you see somebody achieving their goals, upgrading their skills and the fact that you have a great part in that success.

Kamelia Yanakieva

Learning English is a real adventure. My adventure began when I was a 20-years-old Philosophy student and I was keen to communicate with people from all over the world. In terms of good circumstances, I had great opportunities for specialisations that I carried out in Poland, Slovakia and Turkey, where I communicated and studied mainly in English which helped me to develop a strong interest in English. I am a graduate in the field of Philosophy from the University of Veliko Tarnovo “St. Cyril and Methodius” which gave me the capacity to teach the subjects of the... [read more]
Lili Dimitrova

Hello, amazing people!
My name is Lili Dimitrova and as you can guess I am an English teacher.
I graduated the University of Plovdiv a long time ago so that gave me the chance to have a lot of practice during the years, and meanwhile to improve my skills and enjoy the language more and more every day.
I love working with people no matter their age and what makes me happy the most is seeing the great results of my students when they achieve their goals with persistence and hard efforts.

Liubomira Srebrina

My name is Mira, and I am currently teaching English as a Second Language at Training Centre Raya London. I am fully educated and qualified with nine years of experience teaching ESL.
I graduated my BA of English teaching in 2013.
Why did I choose to teach? Because English is fun. I love my work, and I see it as a challenge. 🙂
I see myself as a creative and passionate person who is patient and caring.
In my free time, I love reading English literature novels.

Presila Ivanova

My name is Presila Ivanova. I have been teaching English for three years, and I have always looked for new opportunities for self-development. I graduated the English Language School "Geo Milev" in my hometown, Ruse, I studied at the University of Veliko Tarnovo, where were my first steps in the profession - an English language teacher. I also had the opportunity to study at the Chinese University of Geosciences in Wuhan, where I could face ‘’ the different ‘’.
I love books, travel, foreign languages and cultures...
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Stella Atanasova

Hello, my name is Stella Atanasova and I`m 31 years old. I was born in Blagoevgrad, where I graduated my bachelor’s degree as an English translator and ethnologist. This helped me to form my professional qualities and competences, based on a completely developed theoretical and practical experience in the English language.
During the next 5 years I have lived in the USA and in England. As a result of this cultural exchange, I can now put into practice the English language purposefully and of full value. Becoming a teacher is my conscious decision, which I have realized with my...
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Tamara Yankov

My name is Tamara, I love sun, sea, music, wine, coffee and books. I am 31 years old and I am a teacher by profession. Quite by accident, I studied three different specialties - I studied Philology in Serbia, Arts and Psychology in Bulgaria. That is why, in addition to Slavic languages, I have studied West Germanic languages together with some Romance languages. And Latin is my old love 🙂
My biggest problem was mixing the languages, which made me face my lack of confidence whenever having a conversation. The biggest issue for me was talking to...
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Vyara Yordanova

I graduated English philology in 2003. Over the years, I have acquired qualifications in the field of foreign language teaching, methods and innovative techniques. I have been teaching for more than 21 years and worked with students of all ages and at different levels.

Teaching is my vocation, I am motivated by the results I achieve with my students and the good communication with the people I meet while I am working.

I love travelling, long walks in nature and the time I spend with my loved ones.