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Интензивен курс по английски език за възрастни
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Training Centre Raya London

Training Centre Raya London is a new and fastly developing English Language School specialized in teaching English as a second language. Founded in 2015 we are small enough to provide a personal service, but large enough to have very good facilities and resources for the students to learn English in UK.

Course Overview

This is an English language course specially designed for adults based onto the latest principals in teaching English which are:

Adults learning are selective, so the English course gives them the selected knowledge and develops their skills on topics which the students are interested in.

Adults learning are self-directed, that is why the course it structured and organized in a clear way with easy to understand and use topics. The learning objectives are clear the success criteria is easy to use so the learners know how are they developing.

Adults learning also bring years of previous experience and knowledge to the classroom. The intensive English course 40+ gives them a problem-centered approach to learning and a context that has direct application in their lives. They learn and develop English language through the English course content which is relevant to their current problems or situations.

This course is divided into 2 modules. The first module consist of 30 lessons and the second module consists of 42 lessons. The payment of the course can be completed in two transactions of £175 and £245. If you prefer to pay for the course in two transactions, you can do so, after confirming your place in our office.

Course Features

  • Lessons 12
  • Quizzes 1
  • Duration 12 weeks
  • Language English
  • Graduates 77
  • Assessments UCRAYA

Course Curriculum

  • Unit 1  0/1

    • How to greet people in English.
  • Unit 2  0/1

    • Let me introduce… – how to introduce yourself and somebody else in English.
  • Unit 3  0/1

    • Who am I? Asking and giving personal information.
  • Unit 4  0/1

    • How to fill in a form? Questions and answers.
  • Unit 5  0/1

    • I like…/ I do not like… – asking and answering about likes and dislikes. Talking about favourite books and films.
  • Unit 6  0/1

    • My life… – talking and asking about everyday activities.
  • Unit 7  0/1

    • Walking around the town. Going shopping.
  • Unit 8  0/1

    • In the hotel and how to book a hotel room.
  • Unit 9  0/1

    • Talking about the past. My last holiday.
  • Unit 10  0/1

    • How to apply for a job. What is a job interview?
  • Unit 11  0/1

    • Talking about experiences. Have you ever…
  • Unit 12  0/1

    • How to write a letter.

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