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Training Centre Raya London

Training Centre Raya London is a new and fastly developing English Language School specialized in teaching English as a second language. Founded in 2015 we are small enough to provide a personal service, but large enough to have very good facilities and resources for the students to learn English in UK.

Course Overview

The Upper-Intermediate intensive course that Training Centre Raya London offers is suitable
for students who are able to fluently use the structures of the language, but would like to go in
greater depth.

The course is structured to cover all four skills of the language, Listening, Speaking, Reading,
and Writing in depth, focusing on solid grammar and practice and vocabulary development. It
will also help with communication and comprehension as it uses authentic materials from a
variety of sources, such as geography, biology, history, etc. During the course, students will
become comfortable writing about more complicated subjects and will improve their
understanding about abstract topics in English. By the end of the B2 course, students will be
able to interact with native speakers without strain and with greater confidence.

The intensive 3 month online course consists of 72 lessons and is divided into 2 modules. The
first module is 30 lessons and the second module is 42 lessons.  The total cost of the course is £298. In order to secure your place, you will need to pay a £50 deposit which is deducted
from the further payments. The rest £248 can be paid in two transactions, one of £124 at the
beginning of the course and one of £124 in your third lesson.

Course Features

  • Lessons 12
  • Quizzes 1
  • Duration 12 weeks
  • Language English
  • Graduates 27
  • Assessments UCRAYA

Course Curriculum

  • Unit 1  0/1

    • No place like home. Grammar – the tense system – Simple, continuous, perfect, active and passive. Applying for a job.
  • Unit 2  0/1

    • Been there, done that. Grammar – Present Perfect. Simple and continuous. Informal letters.
  • Unit 3  0/1

    • Narrative tenses. Grammar – Past simple, past continuous and past perfect active and passive. Narrative writing, using adverbs in narratives.
  • Unit 4  0/1

    • Nothing but the truth. Grammar- Questions and negatives. Prefixes and antonyms. Linking ideas, conjunctions.
  • Unit 5  0/1

    • An eye to the future. Grammar – Future forms. Will be doing, will have done. Writing emails, emailing friends.
  • Unit 6  0/1

    • Making it big. Grammar – Expressions of quantity. A consumer survey. Report writing.
  • Unit 7  0/1

    • Getting on together. Grammar – modals and related verbs. Arguing your case. For and against.
  • Unit 8  0/1

    • Going to extremes. Grammar – Relative clauses, participles. Adverb collocation. Describing places.
  • Unit 9  0/1

    • Forever friends. Grammar – Expressing habits. Be used to doing. Writing for talking.
  • Unit 10  0/1

    • Risking life and limb. Grammar – Modal auxiliary verbs. Formal and informal letters and emails.
  • Unit 11  0/1

    • In your dreams. Grammar – Hypothesizing. Expressions with if.. Narrative writing 2 and linking words.
  • Unit 12  0/1

    • It is never too late. Grammar – Articles and determiners. Adding emphasis in writing.

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