Privacy Policy

Please read our Privacy Policy carefully before using this site.

Training centre Raya London respects your privacy and follows the regulations of the Data Protection Act.

We take our responsibilities to protect  your personal information and take great care to do it for all our customers, students and visitors of the website.

Company information:

Training Centre Raya London ltd.

7 Corporation Street London

Post code: E15 3HB

Telephone number: 07459702621

 Online contact form.

Director: Georgi Georgiev

The privacy policy is a policy which governs the collection, use, transfer, storage and deletion of personal  information. It is information which mat lead to the identification of any individual using our website.

Please, read the following information about what data will be collected and how it will be used by Training centre Raya London.

  • We will only collect data which is relevant to the courses and qualifications we provide.
  • We will not transfer data to third parties or across borders.
  • We will verify the data periodically and we will accept amendments of personal data.
  • We will apply extremely high technical standards to secure the personal data we collect.
  • We will not keep data longer than it is necessary to accomplish its purpose.
  • Our site uses cookies.

How will we use your personal information:

  • We will create your personal profile so we are more capable to respond to your personal needs and requirements.
  • To send you our newsletters and provide you with special information about our services and products.
  • To invite and allow you to participate in our interactive and online events, seminars and webinars.
  • To notify you about any changes in our services and products.

Information about the Data Controler

Name: Training Centre Raya London ltd.

Company number: 11618355

Address: 7 Corporation Street London E15 3HB

Date registered: 01 February 2019

Registration expires: 31 January 2025

E-mail: office@ucraya.co.uk

Phone number.: 07459702621

Registration reference: ZA491449


Information on the competent supervisory authority

Name: Information Commissioner’s Office

Website: www.ico.org.uk

What Types of Personal Data Training Center Raya London ltd. collects, processes and stors:

User registration on the Web site – Names, Contact Phone, Email Address, IP Address

When asked as a user on the web site – Names, Contact Phone, Email Address, IP Address


Term of storage of your personal data 

Training center Raya London ltd. keeps all personal data for a period of 1 year or more in the case where the nature of the communication itself requires it, for example, in the case of prolonged commercial and / or other relationships.


Transmitting your personal data for processing 

Training center Raya London ltd. indirectly uses and transmits a portion of the personal data to users of third parties and suppliers who are: – Google Analytics- Google AdWords- Tawk.to (online chat)- ICN (Hosting Service)


Withdrawal of consent to process your personal data (right to delete)

You may request the deletion of your personal data (and an account, if any) by sending an email to office@ucraya.co.uk. It is imperative to verify your identity before deleting data about the data subject. Cookie Policy Training center Raya London ltd. uses cookies that are important for his correct work. By visiting our site, you accept the use of cookies. We use the following types of cookies:


Required cookies

These cookies are required for the correct operation of the website. For example, we set the correct language to visualize the site.


Analytical cookies

Thanks to these cookies, we monitor the visit to our site (Google Analytics), which pages of your site you’ve viewed, whether you visited our site through a mobile or desktop device, operating system, and more. Through them we do not collect any other information about your personal data.


Functional Cookies

These cookies let you use the full functionality of our site, write to us on chat (Tawk.to), and remember the web site’s preferred language.


Precise Targeting Cookies

These cookies contain information about how you used our site and can be triggered by our advertising partners. They do not store personal information. Thanks to them, you will not be shown information that is irrelevant to you.

All the cookies you receive from our site may be blocked by the browser you are using. Keep in mind that if you restrict certain types of cookies, our site may not work properly or as expected.