Higher Education in the UK

Training Centre Raya London works in a partnership with Emma Services to deliver high quality services also, to those who are interested in higher education in the UK.

About us

Emma Services is an educational consultancy that specialises in higher education in the UK. Our advisors are highly trained and knowledgeable with extensive experience in the field.  Our main objective is to help students gain successful admission to their dream course. Knowing how stressful the process could be, we aim at making their life easier and turning the process into an exciting educational experience that will change their life for the better.


We focus on establishing long-lasting relationships with high-calibre partners in order to maintain the highest standards and to make sure that our students are fully satisfied. Currently, we work with well-respected universities around the UK that provide programmes taught by highly qualified and experienced teachers. They combine innovative practical and theoretical teaching methods in a supportive, friendly environment. Furthermore, the courses are fully funded by the government which could be a great opportunity for those who are already settled in the UK.

What is Student Finance?

UK and EU students who are settled in the UK are eligible for a student loan that covers their tuition fees and personal expenses. This is money of up to £22 000 per year, borrowed by the UK government to help you during your education. Since this is a loan, it has to be given back when you complete your studies and the size of repayment amounts will depend on your income instead of the sum that you borrowed.

How can we help?

We are here to provide full support throughout and after the application process. Initially, we will conduct an individually tailored one-to-one consultation in order to assess the eligibility and discuss the potential best opportunities. After choosing the right course and university, we will support you while collecting the documents including your CV and Personal Statement. Individual preparation and a genuine MOCK interview/assessment will follow, in order to ensure your successful admission. The final step will be Student Finance application to make sure your finances are arranged.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us for further information or to book your free consultation. We are here for you!