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The attitude towards money, expressed in folk wisdom

The attitude towards money, expressed in folk wisdom

Today, we will focus on a topic that educated people do not even mention – the money! But we are besides being educated and curious, and we would like to know how much the English language in its development is similar to the Bulgarian one, and whether the two nations have similar proverbs and wisdom about this “great evil.”

The English are people who respect the finances and are not ashamed to have them. Of course, it is not a good sign to boast of them, but they still take into account the need for good funds management. That is why we have already mentioned the saying we have already mentioned in another article, “A fool and his money are soon parted.” Money management does not go through borrowing, it’s clear, because getting rich is not just a matter of luck, but also of work and right decisions. Out of debt, out of danger (Out of debt, out of danger). Or else, better not to afford anything than to be indebted and to be in trouble when paying with the creditor. Here is another proverb: Forgetting a debt does not pay it. In order to remain in the people’s memory, many people apparently did not pay their debts. And they probably got stuck on it because of the forebearring about the dangers of indebtedness. The English speakers are convinced of something Bulgarians know and say – If you do not work you will not eat. As a source of funds, they prefer honest work because otherwise you can get into trouble. But not so! There is always a group that does not respect morality, with what society considers to be fair. To them is the following wisdom: A rich man is either a scoundrel or the heir of a scoundrel (the rich is either a crook or heir of a crook). Such proverbs speak of a bitter life experience. Just like in Bulgaria! Along with the topic of wealth, the theme of poverty is going on. Not all are equally successful in life. A moneyless man goes fast through the market. And it is still known that Beggars can not be choosers (Beggars can not choose). The lack of money makes you take what people throw you. Which does not prevent some people from being poor or wanting things that are not done to them. Or, perhaps, dream. If wishes were horses, beggars would ride (if the wishes were horses, the beggars would ride) eg. it is known that desires do not in themselves give money, labor and foresight. Another proverb we have and we are telling us that the poor man takes what he is given and does not seduce – Never look a gift horse in the mouth. Dear friends, note that in the English language, when translating proverbs and wisdom, and in case we have a proverb with the same meaning in Bulgarian, we do not literally translate, but use the most prominent proverb. The literal translation comes when foreign wisdom does not have a Bulgarian equivalent.

To understand the intricacies of one language, it is a good idea to go through training. Training centre Raya London offers a variety of English language courses tailored to your needs and designed to help you find work and a fair pay. Studying English is your investment in the future, and we will mention a proverb that perhaps summarizes the methods of success of people who enjoy good finances – Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


Written by : Iveta Radeva

Mission London – Possible!

Mission London – Possible!

The current article in our blog will be different. We always try to stick to the English and English grammar topics, but today we will tell you about our Raya London Training Center – who is behind it, how it was created and what its goals are for its future development.

Everything starts with a young woman who is looking for her career, her vocation and, at the same time, the work that makes her happy, and also puts some butter on the bread at her table.

The woman behind the establishment of the training center is Venelina Stoeva. Perhaps some of you know her and have been her students. A modest, grounded person with English knowledge sufficient to get those who want to work freely with the language, find their dream job, work legally, and get better pay abroad.

Venelina started her English language school on 11 February 2011 in Sofia. It is geared to helping those whose knowledge is steeped in time with beginners and advanced learners. About Venelina Stoeva does not matter when you will start learning English. She considers that every age is appropriate, that we can always improve and even get into “strange waters”. For her, human abilities are unlimited.

The leading feelings of Venelina Stoeva and later of her husband Georgi Georgiev – who joined her cause – are hope, impatience, ambition and enthusiasm. While she works, she manages to raise her three children, to ask for a different future for herself and her family. Everyone moved to London in September 2015. and very soon – in November of that year – founded the Training Center Raya London.

Many students have been through school boards ever since. Venelina is able to explain simply, to guess the questions of the learners, to predict their needs. Her husband, Joro, has engaged in logistics, advertising, and maintenance of the center. They have ambitions for the future. They foresee the expansion of the Raya London Training Center, more teachers and trainees. In time, it is possible that the training centers become two – to go beyond the British capital. And after much more time – who knows, the possibilities are ahead of them.

Until then, know that English language training in Raya London Training School provides courses to cover the level for beginners – A1, the initial level – A2,Intensive English language courses adapted to the working people, intensive general English for ages 40+, levels C1 and B2 as well as preparation for the certificate and language course in English.

Training centre Raya London thanks everyone who left their positive feedback on their site. Let them know that with their good words they give new impetus to the founders and faith in the beneficial essence of their work.Contact us – call us or find us on Facebook at:


We wish you a lot of success in every endeavor. Our goal is to help you!


Author: Iveta Radeva

Madame Tussau And Her Wax Figures

Madame Tussau And Her Wax Figures

You have probably already been in the Madame Tussaus’ museum, and you were wandering about the accuracy and vitality of the famous and lesser known figures. To us, from Raya London Training Center, we will be able to offer you, besides English knowledge, additional and interesting facts about British history, culture and life. Today we will look at a lady who had an iron heart and an artist’s hand.

Madame Tussaud (Madame Tussaud) Wax Sculpturer was originally called Marie Grossholz. She was born in 1761. in the city of Strasbourg, France. The man who plays a major role in her future activities is the boss of her mother, Philip Curcius, a doctor from Bern. He himself, too, has produced human wax images, and Marie’s mother helped him in the pursuit. Later, the doctor moved to Paris and took his 6 year old assistant, Marie. Obviously, he is the person who gives her the secrets of the craft. In 1777. Marie Grossholz created her first wax sculpture – that of Voltaire. Later he made the works of his famous contemporaries – Jean Jacques Rousseau and Benjamin Franklin.

The frightening, death-revenge French Revolution comes, and Marie Groscolz walks between the slain to look for detached heads whose prints to take and recreate from wax. Since she was an art teacher of King Louis XVI’s sister in Versailles, the future Madame Tussauds is in custody and under threat of execution. After the intervention of an influential friend, however, the young master of the wax was released from prison.

In 1794. Mr. Curtius dies and Marie Grosholtz inherits his large collection of wax figures, a part in which he has built himself. With this collection, looking for the audience’s interest, she travels around Europe. In 1795.  She marries Francois Tussauds. He cannot go to France because of the Napoleonic wars and prefers to travel to Britain and Ireland with his interesting figures. Her first permanent exhibition is housed on the top floor of Baker Street Bazaar.

In 1835. Marie Tuusso’s collection is set up at Baker Street in a museum, one of the attractive exposures is the Horror Room. It includes the faces of those who died in the French Revolution, as well as those of murderer and various criminals. Meanwhile, figures of people known to date like Lord Nelson are still being made.

One of the oldest figures in the collection of Madame Tussaud’s Museum is the Sleeping Beauty whose masterpiece is Madame du Barry, one of the aristocratic victims of the French Revolution. She is a beauties on a couch, sleeping on her arm. A mechanism that imitates even breathing is mounted in her chest.Madame Tussaud died in his sleep in 1850.In 1883. Madame Tussaug’s grandson, after taking up the rent, moved the collection to her current address. The fire in 1925. and the bombing of London in 1941 ruined some of the patterns, but many others have been made since then. All the celebrities of our past and present are presented at Madame Tussauds: Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philippe, Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin, Keira Knightley, Adolf Hitler, and Marie Tussaur herself. The museum is so growing that it opens its branches in other major cities around the world: Las Vegas, Beijing, Bangkok, New York, Sydney, Vienna, Tokyo and others. Friends, the story of this French-Swiss lady shows that following our talent can make us part of the history of mankind. Marie Grossholz  began a vast empire of wax figures. She did everything to follow the trend, to find the most interesting of her time, to bring out the most famous. We do not have such a great ambition, we just want to pass on your knowledge of English and English grammar so that you can develop your talents on British soil and fulfill your destiny without hindrances and obstacles.Ask for our trainings and visit the Heavenly Learning Center to find a partner in conquering your future in the UK.

Written by: Iveta Radeva

How to express politely in English – 2nd part

How to express politely in English – 2nd part

Training centre Raya London would be delighted if it could help its students and friends better fit into English reality and culture. At first glance, manners seem to lose their meaning. But do not be fooled – upbringing will always be a currency of high value, and the polite person can communicate freely, without looking stiff or hypocritical. Especially English manners have very deep roots in the past and it is good to stick to this system of expression. This will always pay us back and be appreciated by our interlocutors.

So, let’s start with the simple saying “Please give me …”. It’s simpler to say “Give me the salt!”, But even if we add “please,” another effect will be achieved with “Can you pass me the salt, please?”. More traditional is better! More polite – double better!

The word “Mr.” (Mister) has not yet expired. It is, however, used when we know the family of the person to whom we turn. This may be, for example, someone older than us or our friend’s father. In this case, we refer to “Mr. Brown, “for example. But if our name is unknown, it is enough to say “Sir”.

Little different things are with Mrs. (Missis, or as you can see in the literature – Missus). This is an address to a married woman. We are not always sure whether we are talking to one. At the same time, many women today do not marry and do not change their siblings with a partner. It seems as if the “Ms.” (Miss) is more appropriate today.

Speaking by phone also has its own specificity. If we are called and are looking for another person from our environment or if we cannot speak right away, we can easily say “Wait!”. But we’d better say “Can you hold, please?” Or “Can you keep it, please?”). Thus the ordained address passes into a polite prayer for patience. In any case, it will be better understood.

We are in a situation where we want something that we cannot or do not want to do. We should not just cut off “No!”. Too categorical to the English way of respectful expression! It’s much better to say “I’m Afraid I Can’t.” (I’m afraid I could not).

Business is also good to know some rules. For example, do not put negative expressions in your speech. To say directly “This is a bad idea!” Is unacceptable. Much better would be the phrase “I do not think that’s such a good idea!”. Yes, it is definitely grammatically more complicated, but it shows positivity that goes hand in hand with the upbringing and good attitude towards the interlocutor, which is a must.

Various examples we might still be applicable in favor of the thesis that the polite and mannered speech is profitable. The English language, by its very nature, gives many opportunities for such expression. And it comes not only from the relationship of the aristocracy and of behavior characteristic of the lower classes of society in the past. For us, the Bulgarians, such manners may sound exaggerated. But, we assure you, in English this is quite right.

We will be happy if you contact Training Center “Raya” London with any questions you care about the English language and English grammar. Suggest us the next topics on our blog!


Written by : Iveta Radeva

Negotiations on the rights of European citizens in the UK continue

Negotiations on the rights of European citizens in the UK continue

Friends, we are following for you the negotiations between the European Union and the UK, and we find that their end is not visible. Currently, the general framework of the arrangements is set and the main interests of both parties. The end of the divorce between the island state and United Europe is March 2019. and until then we expect a long discussion on various legal and economic issues. We draw your attention to the fact that none of the draft rules outlined below is yet valid, and that the most recent agreements are likely to have much time and change.

Teresa Mae’s team strives to achieve a number of benefits for British citizens going abroad as well as a visa-free regime that is good for us – the Europeans – because it will have to make concessions related to our residence and civilians our rights.

The recent information concerning the children of European workers in the UK was that they would not automatically obtain British passports, but we already have reason to believe that this inconvenience will be corrected for us.

In early December last year, Reuters distributed a draft of a European Parliament resolution saying that future children of couples from Europe would have all the rights negotiated during the current negotiations, whether they were born in the UK or not. However, we still do not have this solution in black and white and we are excited by the final deal.

Also according to this draft, UK workers will have the right to take with them family members as well as partners with whom they have a preliminary link. However, there is no guarantee of future relationships and partnerships that have arisen since they arrived on British soil. In particular, the leaked information reads: “Family members in close kinship, as well as permanent residents residing outside the state will receive protection of the Agreement, and the same applies to children born in the future or outside the UK.”

Moreover, the same document assumes that European citizens will be able to “export all goods to be exported” by the state. This is a step forward for us following the condition that David Cameron had won and which prevented the sending of child allowances to a European country.

As progress, we can also evaluate and plan the families of European citizens to apply for settlement, spending less money on them and submitting a reduced number of documents.

We at Training Center Raya London will continue to be interested in informing you of the progress of the negotiations. We realize that they concern the fate of all of us and we hope for the best possible conditions in which to live and work in the state we have chosen.

Meanwhile, visit our English courses, study English grammar, build up your vocabulary with our help! Knowing English will give you the opportunity to be independent in the provision of information and save you money to use services that, because of poor knowledge of the language, you are prevented from doing yourself.

Allow us at the last moment to add that Training Center Raya London has only training functions and through our blog, only informs you about events and draft laws reflected in the press and official state site.

We declare that we do not have other functions and do not provide citizens registration services, real estate hiring or other non-training activities. But thank you for your confidence!


Written by Iveta Radeva