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Mission London – Possible!

Mission London – Possible!

The current article in our blog will be different. We always try to stick to the English and English grammar topics, but today we will tell you about our Raya London Training Center – who is behind it, how it was created and what its goals are for its future development.

Everything starts with a young woman who is looking for her career, her vocation and, at the same time, the work that makes her happy, and also puts some butter on the bread at her table.

The woman behind the establishment of the training center is Venelina Stoeva. Perhaps some of you know her and have been her students. A modest, grounded person with English knowledge sufficient to get those who want to work freely with the language, find their dream job, work legally, and get better pay abroad.

Venelina started her English language school on 11 February 2011 in Sofia. It is geared to helping those whose knowledge is steeped in time with beginners and advanced learners. About Venelina Stoeva does not matter when you will start learning English. She considers that every age is appropriate, that we can always improve and even get into “strange waters”. For her, human abilities are unlimited.

The leading feelings of Venelina Stoeva and later of her husband Georgi Georgiev – who joined her cause – are hope, impatience, ambition and enthusiasm. While she works, she manages to raise her three children, to ask for a different future for herself and her family. Everyone moved to London in September 2015. and very soon – in November of that year – founded the Training Center Raya London.

Many students have been through school boards ever since. Venelina is able to explain simply, to guess the questions of the learners, to predict their needs. Her husband, Joro, has engaged in logistics, advertising, and maintenance of the center. They have ambitions for the future. They foresee the expansion of the Raya London Training Center, more teachers and trainees. In time, it is possible that the training centers become two – to go beyond the British capital. And after much more time – who knows, the possibilities are ahead of them.

Until then, know that English language training in Raya London Training School provides courses to cover the level for beginners – A1, the initial level – A2,Intensive English language courses adapted to the working people, intensive general English for ages 40+, levels C1 and B2 as well as preparation for the certificate and language course in English.

Training centre Raya London thanks everyone who left their positive feedback on their site. Let them know that with their good words they give new impetus to the founders and faith in the beneficial essence of their work.Contact us – call us or find us on Facebook at:

We wish you a lot of success in every endeavor. Our goal is to help you!


Author: Iveta Radeva

English Language Courses in London?

English Language Courses in London?

A lot of clients and compatriots in general often ask me where they can go to English language courses in London. They are keen to improve their English. I am on the principle that when a person needs service, it is best to turn to a professional rather than trying to be a master of everything. So I can concentrate and develop in directions that I am attracted to and in which I can achieve good results.

Regarding English courses – it was very important to find  language schools and teachers that I should recommend. I wanted to make sure that people would be happy and would not do a bearish service.

Looking for English lessons, many compatriots immediately think of free or online (and if both) English courses. But there is no such  a thing as” free lunch”. From time to time, there are advertisements and places that are supposed to offer “freaks” (it is deliberately written freaks to not index the “free” English language courses in London, but people, who have visited them, have told me that no one does pay attention to them and learn nothing.

You have to remember that time in the UK is money and nothing is free – so that a teacher can teach his students free of charge, someone else will have to pay for the time, the hall, the electricity and the school materials. This country has no problems with the distribution of  English language and does not give extra money for immigrants to learn a language.

Maybe some church or college might offer open courses in English, but again, we rely on the quality of teaching and whether you will learn something or you will waste your time (and money because time is money here, even when something is free).

I spoke to friends and acquaintances, and two of them mentioned Raya London training center as they shared that they were happy. I contacted the company, presented myself and told them what I was looking for – they were very polite and kind. During my conversation with George (the person for contact I was speaking with) we came to the conclusion that it would be best for me to judge personally how they teach, what their course is and whether it is for me. So we agreed to go and attend a two-hour lesson.

It was not easy to find free time, but in a few days I went to their office in East London one night and spent 2 hours listening and even participating in one of their English lessons. There were 10 compatriots in the classroom, most of them came straight after work. Everyone had written their homework, they had textbooks, and on a massive table they took part in the English lesson led by Sofia Aneva. I was also fascinated by the students’ diligence – some of them were not easy, but they did not give up. Usually when a person pays for something, he feels more engaged in it, he gives his money for lessons, and it is in his interest to get the most out of this training.

To admit honestly I was very pleasantly enthused both by the classroom and the teaching materials, but mostly by the teacher. I really enjoyed the English language course and I think it’s worth a person to enroll on it, especially when you need English every day.With a good advice, I can recommend Sofia Aneva and Raya London training center to anyone who asks me where in London I can study English in a friendly atomosphere without feeling shame or inconvenience.


Written by Mr.Atanas Chikov