Traditions of the British Christmas

Dear friends of Training Centre Raya London, this is our last article for this year, and with this festive read we wish you an unforgettable holiday. May your homes be filled with warmth and comfort, and your efforts to learn English rewarded. Merry Christmas!

And now – let’s tell you about some traditions of the British Christmas and how people embrace them in their homes.

In Great Britain, Christmas day is a day for the family, as it is in Bulgaria. Everyone is happy to be together, free from other commitments to enjoy the holiday. British families love going to a “pantomime” in the theatre around Christmas time. For the end of the year, theaters usually have prepared fun musical plays aimed at the family, filled with meaningful jokes that only adults understand. Some big theatres try to bring a celebrity on the stage at Christmas for their hilarious skits and sleazy banter.

Christmas carolers can often be seen on the festive streets. Christmas carols can also be sung at home with the family, and you don’t have to be religious for that – you can just enjoy choral singing in pleasant company. The theme of the lyrics is, of course, the Nativity of Christ.

On December 25th, there is a traditional feast at the table. It usually consists of a roasted turkey (possibly stuffed) surrounded by roasted vegetables. Next to the turkey there are Pigs in blankets. These are sausages carefully wrapped in bacon. The famous Christmas pudding is also a great addition to the table, which some prefer with crème caramel, while others pour brandy and light it for even more festivity. And the drink? Irish Baileys made of high-quality whiskey, cream, and cocoa.

During dinner time, the funny Christmas crackers crack open. Apart from the fun of pulling them and their loud opening, we also enjoy the small gifts they bring us.

At Christmas, the family watches episodes of their favorite comedy together. Often a special episode is filmed for the occasion. In 1996 the record was set by the Christmas episode of the sitcom Only Fools and Horses, watched simultaneously by more than 24 million viewers.

One of the most important events of the holiday was the speech of the Queen, listened to by the British since 1952. This year, the speech of the new King Charles III will be eagerly awaited.

At Christmas there is often one sufferer in the family who drank too much the night before. Throughout the day he is the subject of good-natured taunts and jokes. But a hangover does not spoil the pleasure of eating traditional mince pies. You can read about them in another article of ours and find out why the meat in them remained only in the name.

December 26th is also a bank holiday in the UK and whether we’re spending it playing board games with the grandparents, going for a walk or shopping online to catch the festive discounts, we’re relishing the chance to be full, calm, and to cater not only to other people’s needs, but also to our own for festive mood and home comfort.

Dear friends, we hope that you will also welcome this Christmas happily and calmly, and with common efforts we will build strategies for permanent knowledge and valuable language skills in everyone. We are glad that you have chosen Training Centre Raya London as your partner in success!

Happy Holidays!

Author: Iveta Radeva

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