Do you wear Christmas jumpers?

Dear friends of Training center “Raya” – London, after your hard studying we can finally welcome the holidays and we will gladly dedicate today’s article to them. Expand your English knowledge by reading the text in its English version and noting the unfamiliar words!

Today we will see how the Christmas jumper appeared and why we are happy to look a little silly at the Christmas party.

The Christmas jumper is a knitted garment, often with a polo collar, with images of festively dressed deer, penguins, bears and other cold-loving animals. Santa Claus, snowmen or  hard-working Elfs can also be part of a Christmas jumper, surrounded by Christmas decorations such as boughs of holly, colorful lights, tinsels, etc. Some sequins, silver or gold threads and shiny beads may be added to the yarn. In general, it’s something you wouldn’t really wear on the street.

But when did it become popular?

The answer is, in the 80s of the 20th century.

Back then famous British TV showmen such as Gyles Brandreth and Timmy Mallet hosted their festive shows wearing Christmas-themed jumpers. At the same time, the famous American singers Andy Williams and Val Doonican appeared in their Christmas special shows dressed in such jumpers. In Ireland, the presenters of the traditional Christmas edition of The Late Late Show took the stage with hand-knitted Christmas jumpers.

In the ‘ 90s and around 2000, their popularity declined and they were seen as something that would embarrass you to the neighbours. At that time, Christmas Jumpers were given as a joke and were an unwanted acquisition. This only lasted until 2001 when the film “Bridget Jones’s Diaries” came out and the famous awkward scene between Colin Firth and Renee Zellweger. Since 2010, Amazon has increased sales of Christmas jumpers by 600%. Some fashion houses, such as Burberry и Jil Sander, have created their own versions of the already famous garment. Even the metal band Slayer has a Christmas jumper in their promotional merchandise.

The Foundation “Save The Children”  organizes a charity day in December, in which the Christmas sweater also plays a major role. Their motto is ‘’Make the world better with a sweater! ‘’

However, there are also opinions against this holiday clothing. Some have called it the “ugly jumper”, while others have criticized its plastic workmanship and give it as an example of “fast fashion” that is worn only once a year. The same people advise not to buy it new from the shop, but to find it second hand in a charity shop, where it often ends up.

Dear friends, do you have your own holiday sweater to warm yourself at Christmas?

Training Center “Raya” – London wishes you warm and happy holidays!

Author: Iveta Radeva

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