Queen Elizabeth’s Great Love – Part II

It’s time, our friends, for a new story on the blog of Training Centre Raya London. And this is a continuation of the story of the great love of Queen Elizabeth II and her faithful prince. Through these texts, we hope to assist you in your intention to learn English easily and pleasantly. Even if you are a beginner and not advanced, you can follow the same story, translated into English on our blog. This can be very helpful to you.

After the lavish, televised royal wedding, Philip and Elizabeth had a year of living together and duties to the crown. The love of the two bore fruit and soon, in 1948, days before their first anniversary, the Princess gave birth to the future King of Great Britain, the heir Prince Charles. The child was born in Buckingham Palace. Elizabeth was only 22 years old at the time. Over time, the children of the royal family became four in total – the young heir to the throne was followed by Princess Anne (born in 1950), Prince Andrew, Duke of York (born in 1953) and Prince Edward, Earl of Essex (born in 1964).

Between 1949 and 1951, Prince Philip was stationed as an officer of the British Naval Forces on the island of Malta. This was the place and time during which Elizabeth had an almost ordinary life. The family lived in a beautiful house from the 18th century on the outskirts of the capital La Valletta. Photographs of the two from this period showed them relaxed, cheerful, enjoying their love and social life.

Soon, however, 25-year-old Elizabeth had to take on much more serious duties and shoulder much greater responsibilities. Her father, King George VI, expired in his sleep. Ready or not, Princess Elizabeth had to assume the title of Queen Elizabeth II and head one of the world’s most powerful monarchies. All the time Philip was her support, her companion. In fact, their marriage was the longest monarchical marriage – 73 years long. There was not only love in it, but also mutual admiration. Whatever times the Queen was going through, Prince Philip with his peppery tongue, together with his cheerfulness, was always by her side. Everyone could testify that when she was with him, the Queen was always in a good mood and strength of spirit. For Philip himself, who assumed the title of Prince Consort, it was initially difficult to find his role, but as the father of Queen Elizabeth II said during his lifetime – “he is the right man for the job”. The royal family was constantly engaged in tours of the Empire, with numerous events and high-ranking visits. This way of life required firmness and discipline. Even fun events like polo matches required a constant observance of etiquette and tradition. The royal crown was really heavy, not only for the Queen but also for her companion. The two used to be always in the spotlight.

Both they and their children. And like any other family, side by side, they went together through their moments of crisis.

This continued until April 2021, when our Queen’s longtime partner passed away. It is not in the English tradition to show very strong feelings, to show oneself in low spirits in front of other people, and even more so for a monarch. But after the death of Prince Philip, a shadow seemed to fall on the Queen who outlived him. Her spice in life was disappearing. Her spur, her companion through so many life milestones, was gone. And a year and five months later, Elizabeth II chose to relinquish and go to Balmoral Castle – the place steeped in so many memories. She foresaw her end and it did happen not much later. Our world’s longest-reigning monarch succumbed. And the only thing left is the feeling they will definitely meet each other again somewhere there – Elizabeth and the Prince, waiting for her.

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Author: Iveta Radeva

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