Keira Knightley – a girl from London finding herself standing between drama and adventure II part

Dear studying English friends at Training Center Raya London, here is the second part of our story about the beautiful and talented Londoner – Keira Knightley. Don’t forget to read the same story in the English version of our website!

The young actress, who has already been quite well known by Disney, got the role of Elizabeth Swann in their new screenplay “Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.” The plot is related to the company’s pirate theme park. Keira does not really have any high expectations related to the production and even underestimates the role of stunt-ins, as she thinks that “almost all of the time I will be staying in the carriage”. But the movie with a budget of 135 million dollars generated a profit of the unthinkable 654 million.

It was the same year that the rising star also made her unforgettable role of Juliet in the Christmas movie Love Actually, which became a favorite movie of the viewers around the world and it is one that must be watched on holidays.

And to complement this extremely fruitful period of her career, Keira Knightley received the role of Elizabeth Bennett in the classic drama by Jane Austen – “Pride and Prejudice”. Her bold, little boyish appearance makes her extremely suitable to recreate the witty character of that amazing woman. Both actors, she and Matthew Macfadyen leave us with one of the most tense scenes in the history of cinema – the scene of love confession in the rain. The young actress received a Golden Globe nomination for that role, making her the third youngest actress nominated for the award. Keira was only 20 at that time.

Elizabeth Swann – her pirate heroine – appears also in two other extremely successful movies, and although she pledged her word not to take the role anymore, she took a cameo role in the last film in the series.

In 2007, the actress was chosen for the lead role in a new historical drama – Atonement. This time the nomination was not only for the Golden Globe, but also for the BAFTA award, and the famous green dress she wears in the movie becomes one of the most iconic stage costumes of all time.

Having discovered her strength, Keira Knightley continued with the war drama The Edge of Love and her very strong role in The Duchess, where she participates together with Ralph Fiennes himself. This was followed by theatrical roles and appearances in movies with a contemporary plot, where all her partners were quite famous names, like Colin Farrell, Sam Worthington for example, etc.

Her role in the star team of the film Collateral Beauty, starring together with Will Smith and Helen Mirren and others stands out, and it was cordially welcomed by the film critics. She has participated since then in a number of larger and smaller productions.

One of Knightley’s last roles was in the 2021 movie Silent Night. And – of course – we should expect to see her in some new projects.

People who know the actress more closely, describe her as kind, caring, down-to-earth, intelligent and with a great sense of humor. She is the face of Amnesty International and a defender of women’s rights.

In 2007, the actress won a defamation lawsuit against the tabloid Daily Mail, where she had been described as suffering from an eating disorder. To the £ 3,000 she won from the case, she added another £ 3,000 and donated them to the Beat Mental and Eating Disorders Fund.

For 2008, Keira Knightley was named by Forbes as the highest-paid British actress in Hollywood, which is definitely an achievement.

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Author: Iveta Radeva

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