What is the best way to learn English Language – Five Different Approaches

Have you ever felt like  English language is too hard for you to learn? May be you have never tried to learn English or may be you have been trying for many years but you are still not successful. Here are some different ways we learn foreign languages.

The way which is based on vocabulary approach

If you use this method it means you learn targeted vocabulary through pictures. Grammar rules are not thought but picked up by the context.

Double Translation

This method is good for people who learned the language before 1900.

The method itself is that the student reads a text and translates it to his mother language using a vocabulary than the same translated version has to be converted into English again.

The Grammar Based Approach

Almost all teach yourself books use this method. You can benefit from this method through learning a number of words and a small dose of grammar in context. The emphasis is on reading and  writing on the target language.

The Communicative Approach

The lessons are usually structured into units which stress on receptive skills / reading or listening/ and  a productive skill/ speaking or writing/. The best side of this method is that the students can quickly and easily use the language in various everyday situations.

Which method to use?

It depends on your learning style and your aim. You can chose either to use one or to use a combination of two or even three. You can always start with one and check does it suit your needs or goals. You will be successful only you keep on learning and exploring the new language. Use every source of the language: do a course, listen to music, read books, chat with friends or learn the language online but please do not stop.

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