“Words don’t come easy…” A few useful tips to overcome speaking difficulties

You have studied thousands of words, you have learned the important grammar but you are still struggling when you have to speak. There are different researches done by scientists about this phenomenon. In this article I would like to give you a few simple and useful tips how to overcome your difficulties speaking English.

1. Good listening

When speaking a foreign language you may be more focused on to how you speak, what words to use and is it correct or not so you do not pay enough attention to what people tell you.

Listen to what other people tell you and try to use the same grammar or even words so you can help yourself.

2. Slow down

In your mother language you are fluent and do not think about the speed you speak with but in a foreign language you should speak slowly and allow yourself time to think about what you say.
Here are some phrases to use so you have the needed time and still keep the conversation alive:

Repeat the question and add “ Oh, it is a good question. I have never thought about that.”
“Let me think for a moment.”
“ Well I suppose……”

3. Use fixed phrases.

There is a great variety of fixed phrases so you can start with some of them, learn them by heart and use them to save time and think about your next sentence.

Here are some fixed phrases to start with:
“ Oh, come on!”
“ I am just kidding.”
“ Sorry to bother you but…..”

4. Learn sentences not just words

When you study a new word try to remember a few sentences with it, too. It will be helpful when you have to use the word it will appear a whole sentence ready to say.

You may find it nice and fun to remember sentences while listening to songs but with the lyrics on screan.
“ Words don’t come easy…”

5. Produce as much language as possible.

The more you speak the better you will become. To provoke yourself speaking find a native English friend. This way you will speak English in a relaxed environment and it will be easier.

You can write. It is not speaking but it will be your production and it is good as a practice.

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