Christmas proverbs in the English language

There is an area that is rarely covered in the English language classes – folk wisdom. But a man really knows a nation when he hears and understands his proverbs and proverbs. We’ll introduce you to some old, proverbs, sayings.

“Christmas comes but once a year.” – literally: “Christmas comes no more than once a year.” What does it mean? The English are actually saying that if it is really rare, one can overdo something in their lives. With noise, food, shopping with expensive things … as long as it is not common, we have the right to relax well.

Here is a typical English proverb, but of Danish origin: “A green Christmas makes a fat churchyard.” It is important that if Christmas is warm, the churchyard (where the dead have been buried) is overflowing. And this comes from the hubbub of some people who throw away the thick clothes in the winter wet weather, lured by the high temperatures. From there, the path is direct, according to the experience of the peoples living in a humid climate.

And another one regarding the climate observation: “A green Christmas, a white Easter.” Or “After Christmas comes a white Easter.” Ie. if Christmas is still warm, then the cold, cold weather will continue in the spring. Lastly, we will introduce you to a popular comparison in English: “He has more business than English ovens at Christmas.” “He is busier than the English ovens at Christmas.” Indeed, the work of the holidays is a lot, but it brings joy and joy. These and many other things are discussed in the English language courses at Raya London Training Center. If you want to join us, ask us for the most convenient time! Merry, Merry Holidays!


Written by Iveta Radeva

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