Christmas in Great Britain

Christmas is approaching and with it a tremendous expectation for coziness and carelessness, warmth and light in the environment of the closest ones, the desire to put an end to all the troubles and problems, or in other words – a Christmas spirit awakens in us. We want to decorate, we want to shop, we want to surprise with the most desired gifts.

If life has brought us to the UK, what do we need to know about the local tradition of celebrating the holiday? Read Down!

The Bulgarian and British Christmas traditions are not very different, but the two cultures emphasize on different elements around which to be vanquished, prepared and enjoyable.

The Christmas tree arrives in the UK through the husband of Queen Victoria – Prince Albert, who is a German. He brings to the palace what he is accustomed to seeing a child – a decorated tree. In principle, the tradition of decorating the house with fir branches comes from pagan times, but in its form we have it relatively recently.

Barberry, ivy, and mistletoe are the other plants that enter Britons’ houses for the holiday or shop windows. As you must have heard, you find him under the mistletoe, you can kiss him undisturbed. According to legends, mistletoe is a symbol of life and fertility.

For more festivity, many cities are proud of their Christmas lights. The richest ones are in London, on Oxford Street. They are kindled by a famous person in November.

Schools in the school present Christmas pigeons in English depicting the birth of the baby Jesus. Nativity is a common theme for the decoration of yards, churches and houses.

Another, very enjoyable and festive tradition is the singing of Christmas songs in English on the squares or doors, which is reminiscent of our singing kings. Churches also feature Christmas chants in English in candlelight, which adds to the sense of Christmas spirit and holy sacrament.

English children also believe that Santa leaves gifts for them, but they are preparing socks or pillow cases for them. In return they leave the good old man meat pies and a cup of brandy to support the long way.

For these and many other traditions, you can learn from your neighbors by talking to them in English or by the children’s friends. The special expressions that concern the Christmas celebration will be taught to you by your English teacher at the Raya London Training Center. Take their attention and you can join the celebration of the British, wherever you are. Entrance into the English language also gives us easy access to local traditions.


Written by Iveta Radeva

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