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We will continue telling you about some typical traits of the British people, just in case you have not noticed them yet. 

All of you are moaning about the islands’ sulky, wet, and cloudy weather. Exactly, because of that, the British people love the sun. Every sunny moment is a reason to put on their “Sunday best.” For instance, we often see them strangely dressed in sweaters and flip-flops, which is bizarre for many foreigners. Brits enjoy travelling to sunny, hot destinations as many times as possible.

To be sorry about is also very typical in Britain. Politeness is more of a cultural standard naturally followed by our hosts. Saying sorry is a habit to the point that it’s explained in many ways, from accidental glances to bumping into someone unintentionally. Occasionally, saying “goodbye” or ‘’thank you’’ to the bus driver is as much a tradition as tea and cake.

British people are as emotional as every person on the Earth. The way they express it though is known everywhere in the world. The phrase “stiff upper lip” proves that people traditionally use it to describe an attribute of British people, in which they suppress their genuine anger or hurts in times of crisis like a job loss or divorce or something as trivial as a bad haircut at the same way and could swallow them down. Giving publicity to wrath, grief, and even a triumph is unacceptable to be shown. That’s not an obstacle for them to use casually among strangers terms like “love” and “darling” – words that people use every day in conversations with the people we love, family, or that special ones. 

Senior citizens admire the monarchy and the Queen as the head of state. 

Britain trusts her and thinks that every word that has been said is flawless. Despite the dispute over the funds that the state maintains the crown- the locals do not consider this money poorly spent. Her Majesty the Queen, herself, resembles how influential and significant their country has been. 

Furthermore, the attractiveness of the monarch and the monarchical attributes, attract tourism which contribute financially to the wealth of the country.

The forthcoming diamond anniversary of Queen Elizabeth‘s II reign is expected to contribute £10 billion to the state’s treasury.

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Author: Iveta Radeva

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